True Love

Be still your gentle heart,
As I lay here in wonder,
Of a love that ceases to be,
Yet..I sit here and ponder,

Calm your quivering soul,
Answers you but seek,
Chains left unbroken,
Freedom that you peek,
Of a love, but universal,
That which is hard to find,
You are that deserving,
You, and all man kind!

Unlock your hidden heart,
Unleash it from it’s worries,
Cast away your fears,
True love is all but near.

Come my dear friend,
Well wishes all but wait,
On this journey…
Step by step,
True love is what you take

Live Outside of your comfort Zone

I have come to realization that the best adventures are the ones that most of us are afraid to do. Maybe it is fear that hold us back, embarrassment, or it is out of character, and we are afraid of judgement. Scratch all that…. Take a deep breath, and LIVE OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Do things you have only dreamed of doing.. Maybe it is ball room dancing and you are known to have two left feet…maybe it is Yoga and you have no flexibility at all. It never hurts to give it a try. You would be surprised at how liberating it feels, to throw caution to the wind and dare to do what you want to do.





I dared to live outside of my comfort zone, and tried out pole fitness and I absolutely loved it!!!! So readers I dare YOU to live outside of your comfort zone …you will be glad you did.

Sincerely yours
(CnW) Confessions of a Nurse and Writer

Oh How I love him

Oh How I Love Him!

The twinkle in his eyes,
the dimples on his cheek,
The way he passes by…..
And leaves me feeling weak,

The stares I have learned to yearn,
The lips I dare not to touch,
Whispers never forgotten,
Lust that is never enough

The games he likes to play,
Intoxicating, in a daze,

He treats me like his queen,
His number one you see.

Gentle, tender, love,
Sweet just like a dove,
He fills my ever ache,
That I hope to taste,

Wonders cease to be,
It is just you and me..

Oh How I love him!

New Year…New confession

In this New year of 2015 I find myself filled insight, and questions… What does this New year have to Offer? what do I have to offer this New year? I find myself single, educated, and a Nurse. Will I find love like my young counterparts.. Endless stream of engagement photos, proposals, and weddings… Or will this year be filled with adventure? Will I travel and broaden my horizons … Or will I work and stay focused on Grad school. If I have learned anything this pass year it is this:

Don’t be afraid to try new things.. You can learn a lot about yourself by experiencing the unknown.

Learn from your mistakes and move on… It is my firm belief that everything happens for a reason. The universe is trying to impart some all knowing knowledge and you just have to open you ears and listen.New Year

Life is a precious gift.. Treasure it and make the best of it.

With this New year of 2015, I fully intend to continue doing what I did last year … I plan to live a lot, laugh uncontrollable, and look for adventure around every corner.

Stay Positive my friends, and most importantly … have an amazing year

From your friend (CnW (confessions of a nurse and writer) )New Year

Happy Holidays

May you prosper,
May you triumph,
Find you peace,
And eat your heart out,

May you laugh,
May you smile,
Find your joy,
No tears to cry out..

May you have a wonderful,

Happy Holidays to all my wonderful followers! Hope you have a blissful and Peaceful holiday.
#confessionsofanurseandwriter #CnW

Holiday soldier

I watch the flurries out my window,
The bells that ring outside my door,
The carols sing with merry glee,
And the children playing with laughter.

I take a sip of what’s to come,
The jolly feeling that makes you run,
Family ties, and many blessings,
Presents wrapped….that keep you guessing
Under the tree,
It seems to me,
Holiday cheers fill the air

Yet I sit here all alone,
Waiting so quietly,
Long and silently,
Ever so lightly,
With tears so frightening,
For my soldier,
My hero,
To come back home…