That Guy

You know…. the one that looks at you like you are piece of meat,
Something he can add to his collection….

That brother down the street who claims he is all about you, BUT is looking at someone else.
He likes to hear himself speak..
To focused on himself to care about anyone else…especially not you.
He’ll use you
Abuse you
And reuse you when he needs to

The addiction you can’t get enough of..
Blinds you..
Does no wrong..
heaven on earth,
And hell on fire ..

You are nothing to him,
Something to do when he gets bored,
Plays with the heart strings…that he does…
Leaves heartache in his wake,
And tears at his feet..

That girl..
Falls for it every time,
Optimistic for a love story that has no happy ending….

My sister, my friend,
Move on and rejoice,
Because you deserve better..
But that is  your choice..

True Love

Be still your gentle heart,
As I lay here in wonder,
Of a love that ceases to be,
Yet..I sit here and ponder,

Calm your quivering soul,
Answers you but seek,
Chains left unbroken,
Freedom that you peek,
Of a love, but universal,
That which is hard to find,
You are that deserving,
You, and all man kind!

Unlock your hidden heart,
Unleash it from it’s worries,
Cast away your fears,
True love is all but near.

Come my dear friend,
Well wishes all but wait,
On this journey…
Step by step,
True love is what you take