The Clop

Up upon the willow top,
Where wily creatures slept,
I came upon a little Clop,
That fell upon my head.

A Clop so big, and hairy
Timid, slightly scary,
A magical creature so rare,
Capture it, if I so dare
Show the world my findings,
Exploit my never mindings

Break the Clop Piece, by Piece
Discover it’s secrets never cease,

But as I looked upon the little Clop,
I saw a look of fear that made me stop

Clop that fell upon my head
The look you give, stops me dead

For oh, now I see!!
Through my hands, I can destroy your peace,
The harmony you love, and only seek

So little Clop, I must let you go,
Because rare, and beautiful things,
Should be left alone.

Confessions of a graduate Student

Hey readers so I have recently started graduate school, and haven’t been posting as much and for that I am sorry. Today I had one of my light bulb moments, and I realized that there comes a point were you are studying up to your ears, so focused on getting that A or passing ….That life passes you by. Things you used to do ….take a back burner to studying, lectures…. But I chose to believe that there are 24 hrs in day… Of course I am gonna study, and of course I am gonna try my hardest, but I am also gonna live. Take a break, go out for drinks, travel, dance, date, write poetry on my blog… Sometimes you just have to find that balance between life and academics. Dr. Seuss once said that “life’s A great big balancing act!” And I am inclined to believe him.

All and all thanks for sticking by me, and I promise more post and poetry to come. I am still trying to get my balancing act right.


Light that I cannot see,
Wandering this world aimlessly
Do you know me?
What am I looking for?
Can you help me?
I am not myself anymore,
Wanderer who sheds her silent tears,
Solider who knows nothing but fear,
Before it is too late…
For I am LOST..
in this empty place

Do You think you are beautiful?

They asked her if she though she pretty
And the answer she gave was no,
They asked her if she though she was beautiful
She told them to leave her alone,
They asked her why she puts her self down,
She gave a slight smile, then a frown

“The world has called me ugly, hideous in a sense,
Given me names, even had the nerve to call me dense,
So do I think I am pretty, no one else does, so it seems’
Do I think I am beautiful, no one else does, I do believe.”

They looked at her for a second, then said all that matters is YOU!!!
so if you believe you are beautiful, then it is a 100% TRUE!